BirminghamR is the meetup group for users of the R statistical programming language in the West Midlands area.

Next Meeting

Details will be announced soon



Past Presentations

Speaker Title Date
Tom Jemmett
The Strategy Unit (NHS)
Object Orientated Programming with S3 2021-11-18
Bodo Winter
University of Birmingham
Workshop GLM Part 2 slides & scripts and recording 2021-02-17
Bodo Winter
University of Birmingham
Workshop Linear Models slides & scripts and recording 2020-10-14
Various Meet the BirminghamR community (recording here) 2020-09-24
Nathan Eastwood
NE Data
The poorman package, a dependency free alternative to dplyr 2020-07-30
Nathaniel Philips
Flatiron Health
Fast and frugal trees 2020-07-30
Colin Gillespie
Jumping Rivers
Getting the most out of other people's R sessions (slides and video) 2020-04-09
Chris Mainey
University Hospitals Birmingham
Text Mining Patient Safety Data (slides and video) 2020-04-09
Laura Graham Lightning Talk: Creating websites with blogdown 2020-01-21
Neil Bray Lightning Talk: Flextable 2020-01-21
Tom Jemmett Lightning Talk: Functional programming with purrr 2020-01-21
Chris Mainey Lightning Talk: Why the mgcv package is awesome 2020-01-21
Adnan Fiaz Lightning Talk: What day should we have a meetup? A httr story 2020-01-21
Bodo Winter Lightning Talk: An intro to swirl 2020-01-21
Chris Mainey
University Hospitals Birmingham
Driving R adoption in an NHS information service: barriers and solutions 2019-11-21
David Selby
University of Warwick
Modelling research funding with R 2019-09-26
Hayley Tumas
University of Oxford
Genetics the “R”ight way 2019-09-26
Sebastian Mellor
Jumping Rivers
Model Deployment in R 2019-07-04
Julian Hatwell Visualising Categorical / Discrete Data 2019-07-04
Graham Parsons
Mango Solutions
Shiny Workshop 2019-04-25
Nic Crane
10 steps to becoming a Tidyverse contributor 2019-02-28
Bodo Winter
University of Birmingham
What do linguists do with R 2019-02-28
Sam Dunn
Public Health England
Data Science at Public Health England 2018-11-29
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Software Horrorshow: How the Data Definition could Save Your Life 2018-11-29
Ella Kaye
How to turn your phd into a package 2018-08-26
Carmen Aguilar García
Data journalism with R 2018-08-26
Adnan Fiaz
Mango Solutions
Workshop Building Reports in R 2018-04-26
Steph Locke
Locke Data
Data Science Fundamentals in R 2018-01-25
Adnan Fiaz
Mango Solutions
Location, Location, Location 2018-01-25