BirminghamR is the meetup group for users of the R statistical programming language in the West Midlands area.

Next Meeting

Details will be announced soon



Past Presentations

Speaker Title Date
Bodo Winter
University of Birmingham
Workshop GLM Part 2 slides & scripts and recording 2021-02-17
Bodo Winter
University of Birmingham
Workshop Linear Models slides & scripts and recording 2020-10-14
Various Meet the BirminghamR community (recording here) 2020-09-24
Nathan Eastwood
NE Data
The poorman package, a dependency free alternative to dplyr 2020-07-30
Nathaniel Philips
Flatiron Health
Fast and frugal trees 2020-07-30
Colin Gillespie
Jumping Rivers
Getting the most out of other people's R sessions (slides and video) 2020-04-09
Chris Mainey
University Hospitals Birmingham
Text Mining Patient Safety Data (slides and video) 2020-04-09
Laura Graham Lightning Talk: Creating websites with blogdown 2020-01-21
Neil Bray Lightning Talk: Flextable 2020-01-21
Tom Jemmett Lightning Talk: Functional programming with purrr 2020-01-21
Chris Mainey Lightning Talk: Why the mgcv package is awesome 2020-01-21
Adnan Fiaz Lightning Talk: What day should we have a meetup? A httr story 2020-01-21
Bodo Winter Lightning Talk: An intro to swirl 2020-01-21
Chris Mainey
University Hospitals Birmingham
Driving R adoption in an NHS information service: barriers and solutions 2019-11-21
David Selby
University of Warwick
Modelling research funding with R 2019-09-26
Hayley Tumas
University of Oxford
Genetics the “R”ight way 2019-09-26
Sebastian Mellor
Jumping Rivers
Model Deployment in R 2019-07-04
Julian Hatwell Visualising Categorical / Discrete Data 2019-07-04
Graham Parsons
Mango Solutions
Shiny Workshop 2019-04-25
Nic Crane
10 steps to becoming a Tidyverse contributor 2019-02-28
Bodo Winter
University of Birmingham
What do linguists do with R 2019-02-28
Sam Dunn
Public Health England
Data Science at Public Health England 2018-11-29
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Software Horrorshow: How the Data Definition could Save Your Life 2018-11-29
Ella Kaye
How to turn your phd into a package 2018-08-26
Carmen Aguilar García
Data journalism with R 2018-08-26
Adnan Fiaz
Mango Solutions
Workshop Building Reports in R 2018-04-26
Steph Locke
Locke Data
Data Science Fundamentals in R 2018-01-25
Adnan Fiaz
Mango Solutions
Location, Location, Location 2018-01-25